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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Mike Gallardo on his How to Structure a Sequence

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Mike, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on his How to Structure a Sequence!

"How to structure a sequence:

1. Value Props

You need two of these. Spend a lot of time researching and thinking through the core value propositions of your startup. You should know, in your own customer's words, exactly what their challenges are, what they're looking to accomplish and how you specifically help.

2. Triple Tap

Email, phone and social all on the same day to break the noise.

3. Cold Emails

Two emails per value proposition. The first email you send plus a reply email. That's it. Anything more and you start risking getting marked as SPAM IMO.

5. Cold Calls

6 total -- No matter what anyone says these work. If you have a power dialer like Orum it can be a superpower. Do not sleep on the phones.

6. Break up email

This is optional but I think it can be done well. A lot of people have strong beliefs here and whenever that's the case my advice is to test it out yourself.

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