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Our new Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Stefan Conic on his Best SDRs Don't Always Come from College

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"Best SDRs don't always come from college.

Backgrounds that also do great as SDRs:

• teachers

• waiters

• ex army

• ex athlete

• non SaaS sales

• ex-entrepreneurs and side hustlers

👨‍🏫 Teachers have this ability to explain complex concepts in simple ways. An exceptionally useful skill in the SDR world.

🍹 Waiters and baristas are skilled at talking to people, having them felt heard and making them feel comfortable to share. Exactly what you want from an SDR.

🎖🏀 Ex military and ex athletes are trained in consistency, determination, they have tough skin, and can adapt to any process. What more can you ask for?

🤝 Non SaaS sales - this one's a no brainer. A lot of sales roles require you to source the lead, book a meeting, negotiate and close, and sometimes even nurture the relationship. More than what's needed for an SDR.

👩‍💻 Ex entrepreneurs/side hustlers already know how to make a business work, they are very likely to already possess some or all the skills needed for an SDR.

What background is the best? Did I miss a category?"

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