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More Great Content from Jasper V., Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "7 Pillars of Outbound Sales in 2023", Jasper is sharing with us more great content on his Outbound Solution Providers Should Lead by Example!

"Outbound solution providers should (try to) lead by example.

"Hey Joe, as you are also into 80’s music, I’m looking to scroll with you through your oldies playlist." 🤷‍♂️

Why would he? Joe doesn't know you.

But you can show him that you know him.

You can't do that if you're being vague. You have to be very specific to generate interest with prospects.

How about this:

"Joe, looks like you're hiring a sales rep with multichannel outreach experience. We created a social-email sequence playbook for agencies to ramp new sales hires faster. Sounds interesting?"

I would accept and reply to this.

How can you be more specific? More data points.

How can you include more data points into your outreach that also scales? By building great data, yourself.

You can do that with data enrichment tools like Clay or PhantomBuster.

To see great demos of this method, check out Jordan Crawford or 🦾Eric Nowoslawski.

If you don't know how to reach out meaningfully at scale, you can better send blank connects than generating 'personalized' messages.

Less work and less cringe.

No need to call out everyone that doesn’t know how to outbound effectively. The examples are endless.

But if you represent an outbound solution, better know what you’re doing.

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